Former SAMPG Member – Some good news!

Dear SAMPG Members,

I pray all is going well with you!

I wanted to tell you the good news that I got engaged this past weekend to my girlfriend   I feel very blessed by God and am looking forward to marriage.

I owe a special thanks to you and of SAMPG.  When I started going to the group I was at my darkest moment, but your witness and honesty encouraged me and gave me hope that I could be set free and healed from my addiction to pornography and sexual sin.  I’m reminded of the scripture from 2 Corinthians “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” In going to SAMPG, I learned of my weakness and of my real need for the saving power of God.

I use to think that accountability, weekly meetings, daily prayer and limiting my access to computers (especially the when and where of surfing the web) were like chains that bound me, and I had a real aversion to those things.  But during my time at SAMPG, and in the years since, I’ve learned that these things weren’t chains, but instead they are the key to breaking the bonds of sin.  I’ve had real, lasting freedom from pornography and healing from past mistakes thanks to the great mercy of God and the lessons learned while at SAMPG.

Thank you again for your faithfulness to SAMPG, to your witness to hope, and to your humble testimony of God’s great power.


Name Withheld for anonymity