PRAY and READStart praying the Rosary daily. Ask for the intercession of the Blessed Mother to help make the group a success. Ask for the intercession of St. Augustine. Meditate on the numerous scriptures regarding this issue. Paul to the Romans, The Gospels of John and Matthew are great. Read about St. Augustine’s conversion (The Confessions ) if possible.

TALK TO YOUR PASTOR or local PRIEST – You will need to get the support of your pastor if you want to have support of your local church. Don’t be discouraged if your priest is not a big supporter. Believe it or not, many priests are not active supporters of SAMPG. But the most faithful priests are very supportive and will help you along.

FIND A LEADER  – This man should be a practicing Catholic in good standing and also preferably will have achieved at least one year of sobriety related to porn addiction and also not be afflicted with other addictions ( alcohol, gambling, etc). He should also be committed to being at all the meetings and leading them for at least the first six months of the group. He should also have some basic understanding of the nature of porn addiction and be educated related to the materials to be used for the group.

FIND AT LEAST 2-3 LIKE MINDED supporters to get started with the group.

PICK TIME AND LOCATION THAT WORKS FOR YOU. Make sure location provides opportunity for anonymity for everyone.

GATHER YOUR MATERIALS. This will include The L.I.F.E. Guide by Dr. Mark Laaser, you should also try to get a Leaders Guide. The L.I.F.E. Guide for Men. This workbook can be ordered on this site  This book is also available in Spanish.  Call their office at 952-746-3880 to order.

Get some copies of Breaking Free by Steve Wood. These can be found at Give a copy to each member and also get a LIFE Book for each member as well.

If finances are a major issue, please email and we will work on getting you a starter kit at no charge.

PROMOTE THE GROUP WITH DISCRETION – If possible, state in your bulletin that you are forming an SAMPG Group in your parish or local community and that the goal of the group is to help men heal from addictions to porn and other sexual addictions. Provide a confidential phone number or email for contact. If your pastor is willing to discuss this form the pulpit, that would be helpful, but getting people to actually show up for the meetings is quite difficult.


Set up you initial meeting. There may only be 2-3 people. Don’t be discouraged. Go through the LIFE Guide as instructed and get the process started.

Continue your meetings weekly, no matter what. The men who are serious about getting healed need your support CONSISTENTLY. If you skip weeks or have an inconsistent pattern, the group will fizzle very quickly.

Feel free to email us at any time or post to the CatholicMensPurity website. We will do our best to provide support.

May God Bless you and your group.


Blessed are the Pure of Heart, for they shall see God! 

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